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Play by Ear is a web3 consultancy. We navigate the fast-paced crypto landscape to strategically position our clients. Ready to embrace web3? Schedule your first call today.

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Marlene Ronstedt

Marlene Ronstedt, CEO

Marlene Ronstedt, Founder and Managing Director at Play by Ear, has a diverse background in business development and communications within Web3, crypto, and fintech industries. A full-time nomad, her journalistic work has been featured in Wired Germany and Coindesk. Passionate about DJing and painting, Marlene holds a BA Honors in Liberal Arts from Leiden University College and an MA in Digital Culture from Goldsmiths University London.

Mark Nadal

Mark Nadal, CSO

Mark Nadal, CSO, is a skilled software developer, he is known for his contributions to real-time technologies and open-source projects. His expertise lies in decentralized systems and data structures, aiming to create more efficient and accessible digital infrastructures. He is also the founder of GunDB, an open-source, decentralized database engine.

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